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List of the Questions asked
in AMA session, Dec 7

So let us announce the winners of the December 6th AMA session.

AMA season

Just a brief reminder - during the last AMA session we talked about mineral trading and METALLIKA's role in this process. Our guests, Mr. Srinivas Ch, mineral trading expert with more than 20 years experience in mineral trading, and CEO of Metallika Inc. Mr. Venkatesh Padala, chose 3 the most interesting questions of the evening from their perspective.

Each winner would receive 350 METALLIKA tokens! Well done fellas!

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 9:41 PM]
This is a really big project with a big plans so i really wanna know
It's a deep question
so my question is what are the greatest obstacles you faced in the development of this project and how prepared are your dev team in solving any problem tham might arise in the future?

Lucifer Drack Hunter, [12/7/2022 9:42 PM]
With all that is currently happening on the crypto space right now (Binance v FTX), do you think the people still has trust in new project NFT/P2E/Metaverse projects? How would you keep the supporters confident/engaged long-term?

Eljaboom | AMA Host, [12/7/2022 9:43 PM]
What are the ways that your project generates profit / revenue to sustain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it be mutually beneficial for both the investor and your project?

Chukky, [12/7/2022 9:43 PM]
Mineral trading is usually associated with negative impacts on environment such as deforestation, increase in noise level and dust and contamination of soil profiles which have an impact of global warming generally.
How does Metallika handle these within the project?

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 9:44 PM]
Token utility is very important , can you tell some of usecase of your token, can we stake  token to earn some income?

David Investor 🤑🤑🤑🤑, [12/7/2022 9:44 PM]
How many blockchains supported by your platform? And what are the plans for integration of other Blockchains? Is there anything in pipeline?

Lucifer Drack Hunter, [12/7/2022 9:45 PM]
Do metallika token are plan to bring any contest like content creator and meme contest in future to attract more users.

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 9:46 PM]
From where you get the project name? what does it means to you? and why you choose this name for your project? what is your mission and vision tobuilt this project? what you want to achieve through in future?

Stylish G, [12/7/2022 9:46 PM]
Can you tell us some of true factors Metallika looks out for in choosing sites for mineral exploration and trading?
Why have you decided to leverage blockchains technology for Metallika when the project will be successful without using blockchain

Eljaboom | AMA Host, [12/7/2022 9:46 PM]
Low Liquidity is one of the most important problems that a project needs to solve. How will your TEAM reward liquidity providers for facilitating the resolution of these issues?

Lucifer Drack Hunter, [12/7/2022 9:47 PM]
Are we ever going to be able to buy metallika directly from the wallet with fiat?

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 9:47 PM]
What are the key milestones on your roadmap -- both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to?

Stylish G, [12/7/2022 9:48 PM]
During the last AMA session, we talked a bit about Ambassador Program for the Metallika project.
Can you kindly give us an update regarding the plans for an ambassador program within Metallika and how the community can participate?

David Investor 🤑🤑🤑🤑, [12/7/2022 9:50 PM]
It seems that a lot of projects from 2018 are gone and failed to deliver on their promises. How will your project avoid the same fate? How can we be confident that metalika won’t disappear a year from now?

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 9:50 PM]
Did you consider community feedback / requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood,
so i'd like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Jesse, [12/7/2022 9:52 PM]
Does Metallika have any plans to integrate NFTs into the ecosystem? If yes could you tell us when and how NFT technology will be used in the project?
Will it be possible for NFT to be linked to minerals?
What roles can these non fungible tokens play in the mining industry and Metallika?

Chukky, [12/7/2022 9:57 PM]
Has Metallika been involved in any Corporate Social Responsibilities in any of the operating mines?
Are there approved lincenses for all mines that Metallika owns?
In what ways can the community here participate actively in the growth of the project?

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 9:59 PM]
As an investor, i'd love to hear what you have in mind for the next few weeks, months, or years for the project, what are your main goals, how do you plan to stand out, and what makes you unique?

Lucifer Drack Hunter, [12/7/2022 9:59 PM]
Are you planning to list any popular exchange?

Jesse, [12/7/2022 10:08 PM]
Mining is usually associated with high mouting costs, unstable commodity prices, health, environmental and carbon footprint challenges.
Is Metallika fully equipped financially and otherwise to achieve all of its goals and become a top 10 mining projects while still in compliance with all government and health regulations?

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 10:09 PM]
Would love to know what's your strategy for the long term health of this project, what do we expect from #Metallika in the next 2-5 years what's your plan towards security for your investors ?
how do they plan to get the community more involved to take this to the next level?

Bahar Mn, [12/7/2022 10:12 PM]
How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Fayde Painter, [12/7/2022 10:18 PM]
with your 20 years of experience in the mineral mining industry, how can you say that the entry of mineral mining into blockchain technology is a perfect way to establish a project in the future.

Metallika team thanks every user, who participated in our AMA, for being with us that date.In future we plan to post more interesting content, invite new speakers and give MORE METALLIKA tokens to YOU!

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