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We are at the forefront of transforming the mineral mining industry by pioneering trust, transparency, and empowerment through the convergence of blockchain and AI technologies.

About Us

Our Vision

Imagine a world where mineral mining isn't just for the elite few, but for everyone! Through the powerful fusion of blockchain and AI, we're creating a platform of integrity and transparency, making mineral mining accessible to all. Join us in shaping a future where opportunities abound, and the industry thrives for everyone!

Whether you're an individual dreamer or an enterprise, our unique platform invites you to boundless opportunities for growth, collaboration and sustainable industry. The future of mineral mining is here, and it's open to all - NOW!

We invest in the mineral extraction industry using latest scientific advancements including extraction, AI based analysis and predictions and other technologies.

We transparently provide the information collected by us and independent teams of geologists, finance and other experts informing about new mineral deposits and their viability.

We involve transport and logistics companies, expert geological communities and government agencies for an honest and transparent assessment of mineral deposits.

We secure the value of the token by the dynamics of the development of the mineral market. Metals and other mineral resources will always be in demand.

Our AI and Blockchain Platform

Our proprietary AI platform swiftly analyzes vast geological datasets, pinpointing potential mineral deposits with precision. By identifying subtle patterns and correlations, we expedite site identification and optimize resource allocation, reducing time and costs. This ensures strategic targeting of mineral mining endeavors, maximizing the probability of discovering valuable reserves while minimizing environmental impact.

Our platform democratizes participation in mineral mining projects for individuals and enterprises alike using blockchain technology. Leveraging the most trusted blockchains, Ethereum and Binance, we're ensuring transparency and trust in the industry. Utilizing our blockchain based Metallika token, all users gain access to information and opportunities for participation in the mineral mining ecosystem.

Mineral Mining Methods

Mineral mining is defined as the activity that seeks, develops and extracts mineral resources. This is one of the most important challenges in the primary sector of the world economy. There is also so-called green mineral mining, which aims to extract mineral resources with minimization of potential environmental risks.

Open-pit mineral mining

Open pit mineral mining is "an excavation or cut made at the surface of the ground for the purpose of extracting ore and which is open to the surface for the duration of the mine’s life." To expose and mine the ore, it is generally necessary to excavate and relocate large quantities of waste rock.

Underground mineral mining

Mineral Mining Methods

Mineral Mining Life-Cycle

  • Discovery
  • Search and Exploration
  • Exploitation


Work in the mine begins with its opening. This is where what is known as exploration, i.e. those activities that focus on finding out if there are any mineral resources to be mined, how many of them, their location, etc.

Search and Exploration

This work is carried out by geologists and engineers, as well as other specialists in various fields, who must conduct an exhaustive study of the probability of success of the field, given the size and quality of the field, investments, risks and reliability of the project.


Once the mineral mining company has assessed the probabilistic studies of the project, if the found deposit is viable, mineral mining is planned by obtaining investment agreements and searching for potential buyers. In the same way, the planning of the equipment needed, its cost, the current legislation in place of operation or environmental regulations for that matter come into play.

Our Existing Projects

Leveraging our proprietary platform, we have begun operations on select strategic mining sites from our pipeline of 170 potential projects.

  • Lithium mine - Feasibility Stage

  • Beach Sand Mine – Feasibility Stage

  • Rare Earth Minerals Mine - Exploration Stage

  • Graphite Mine – Discovery Stage

Our Ecosystem Partners In Success

Companies-consumers of mineral resources

Mineral mining and exploration companies

States and expert communities

Transport and logistics companies


Utility Token Description

  • Symbol: MTLKA

  • Total token supply: 1000 000 000

  • Ethereum: 500 000 000

  • Binance Smart Chain: 500 000 000

  • Price per METALLIKA Token: $1.00

  • Max Supply: 1000 000 000

Utility token MTLKA provides an opportunity to obtain exclusive data on deposits, means and methods of mineral mining. Information provided by the issuer and distributed only to token holders.

Utility token MTLKA can be freely purchased on the crypto exchange, exchanged and transferred with all the rights to own the token.

  • Seed Capital: 4%

  • Pre Sale: 8%

  • CSR/Marketing: 5%

  • Legal, Advisors, & Reserve: 5%

  • Initial Liquidity: 8%

  • Listing on Exchanges: 20%

  • Air Drops: 2%

  • Rewards: 10%

  • Ecosystem Expansion: 20%

  • Employee Rewards: 10%

  • Others: 8%

Metallika Team

Meet our Team

Venkatesh Padala

Cofounder, Operations

Visionary serial entrepreneur. He has successfully confounded IT, Manufacturing, Automation and Mineral mining companies over the last 25 years.

Jason Ferris


An experienced ASX company director with 20 years’ experience in corporate, property and investment finance sectors.


Global Sales

MBA graduate from ISB with a background in Mineral Mining, Business Development, Investor Relations, Computers, HRM & Psychology.

Pavan Mandhani

Cofounder, Innovation

Pioneering leader with 25+ years of experience in venture capital, technology, and AI, and been part of building 8 startups.

Dr. Tagore Guttikonda

Cofounder, Strategy

Visionary leader with 3 decades of experience in startups, business, social enterprise, and tech across the globe, with two profitable exits.

Jonathan Block


Veteran Founder/CEO of startups and established companies in oil and gas, technology, digital health, AR/VR, family offices and hyper growth.

Dr. Sunkad


Experienced Geologist with two decades of experience in discovering and exploring mining materials around the world.

Yisu Jin


Experienced talent technology veteran with expertise in successfully leading HR software business and avid interest in mineral mining industry.

Abhishek S

Blockchain Technology

Technology leader with 25+ years of experience creating and operating innovative platforms including AI and Blockchain.

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