is a utility token

That Tokenizes Services of Mining Natural Resources

About Us

Business Model of the Company

We provide users the token for possession and disposal in exchange for fiat or cryptocurrency funds and ensure a sustainable growth in the value of the token due to existing mining capacities and information about future deposits. The results of exploration activities are evaluated by the expert community and mining companies obtain their state production licenses.

We are constantly investing in the mineral extraction industry, which is constantly growing against the background of the growth of the whole economy.

We provide transparency of information about new mineral deposits to token owners and allow users to evaluate the prospects of investments with their tokens themselves.

We involve transport and logistics companies, expert geological communities and government agencies for an honest and transparent assessment of mineral deposits.

The value of the token is secured by the dynamics of the development of the mineral market. Metals and other mineral resources will always be in demand.

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Brief description of the mining process

Mining Methods

Mining is defined as the activity that seeks, develops and extracts mineral resources. This is one of the most important challenges in the primary sector of the world economy. There is also so-called green mining, which aims to extract mineral resources with minimization of potential environmental risks.

Open-pit mining

Open pit mining is "an excavation or cut made at the surface of the ground for the purpose of extracting ore and which is open to the surface for the duration of the mine’s life." To expose and mine the ore, it is generally necessary to excavate and relocate large quantities of waste rock.

Underground Mining

In contrast, underground mining is based on digging tunnels and galleries. Access to these galleries is carried out through the so-called adits. Underground mining is considered to be much more environmentally friendly than open-pit mining.

Mining Methods

Brief description of the mining process

Mining Life-Cycle

  • Discovery
  • Search and Exploration
  • Exploitation


Work in the mine begins with its opening. This is where what is known as exploration, i.e. those activities that focus on finding out if there are any mineral resources to be mined, how many of them, their location, etc.

Search and Exploration

This work is carried out by geologists and engineers, as well as other specialists in various fields, who must conduct an exhaustive study of the probability of success of the field, given the size and quality of the field, investments, risks and reliability of the project.


Once the mining company has assessed the probabilistic studies of the project, if the found deposit is viable, mining is planned by obtaining investment agreements and searching for potential buyers. In the same way, the planning of the equipment needed, its cost, the current legislation in place of operation or environmental regulations for that matter come into play.

Our Existing Projects

  • Granite Project – Development Stage

  • Beach Sand Minerals – Feasibility Stage

  • Chrome Mineral Trading

  • Graphite Project – Discovery Stage

Who is Involved in the Business

Companies-consumers of mineral resources

Mining and exploration companies

States and expert communities

Transport and logistics companies

How are all parties involved in the business?

Affiliated companies, partner companies, logistics companies, transport companies, government and expert bodies might use the METALLIKA Utility token as a means of payment.

How is a user involved in the business?

Ownership of the token entitles the user to receive the data about mineral resources from the company. The user gets an opportunity to participate in the extraction and exploration of resources, to ensure transparency of information about found deposits.

About Us

How we came up with Blockchain

At the moment, access to exploration and mineral exploration data is limited to an inner circle. To make it possible for users to participate in mining projects, we decided to use the blockchain. Information and opportunity to participate in a profitable business will be available to all users by resources of the Ethereum blockchain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This will allow ordinary users with small amounts of funds to join profitable projects related to the mining industry.


Utility Token Description

  • Symbol: METALLIKA

  • Total token supply: 300 000 000

  • Ethereum: 150 000 000

  • Binance Smart Chain: 150 000 000

  • Price per METALLIKA Token: $0.10

  • Max Supply: 300 000 000

  • ERC-20 Smart Contract Address:


  • BEP-20 Smart Contract Address:


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Legal, Advisors and Reserve


Utility token METALLIKA provides an opportunity to obtain exclusive data on deposits, means and methods of mining. Information provided by the issuer and distributed only to token holders.

Utility token Metallika can be freely purchased on the crypto exchange, exchanged and transferred with all the rights to own the token.

Metallika is a utility token

Utility token METALLIKA enables ordinary users to participate in the exploration and production of minerals anywhere in the world.

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Metallika Team

Meet our Team

Venkatesh Padala

Founder and CEO

Shukur Mohammad




Rafael Soultanov

Marketing consultant

Yisu in


Anna Skurskaia

Web developer

Yaroslav Timantsev

Community manager

Alexey Usachev

IT manager

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