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METALLIKA (METALLIKA.inc) is Distributing 20 Free METALLIKA Tokens to Users!

We are happy to announce that we are giving away 20 free METALLIKA tokens to registered participants.

The METALLIKA token is a utility token necessary for the operation of the DAO METALLIKA, since it acts as a fuel for the operation of the blockchain, on which the DAO is based. Utility Token is a digital asset that is used to fund a decentralized organization by providing DAO members guarantees that they can consume the organization's products and services.

  • The METALLIKA Utility token is a guarantee of future access to the DAO METALLIKA products or services, which estimates it’s value.
  • The METALLIKA Utility token allows users to participate in all stages of the life cycle of exploration and production of minerals anywhere in the world.

METALLIKA token has utility meaning and is used for utility transactions. Once listed, it can be traded for different fiat and digital currencies.

Get 20 Free METALLIKA Tokens Today!

You can sign up for the 20 free METALLIKA tokens using an address from your Binance Smart Chain wallet. METALLIKA.inc platform is integrated with the most popular Wallets like Metamask, Trezor, Mist, among others.

To be a potential recipient in the token distribution, all you have to do is visit this page - https://metallika.io/get-free-token.html and sign up.

Follow the steps below to get your 20 free METALLIKA Tokens today:

1. Go to https://metallika.io/ homepage.
2. Click the Get Token button. The METALLIKA.inc home page will feature this button for the duration of the distribution.
3. Enter your Smart Chain Wallet address to claim METALLIKA tokens. If you are using MetaMask and have the browser extension, launch the extension, click on the address to copy it, and paste it on metallika.io.
4. Enter your Email Address on the same dialog box, below your wallet address to get notified about token distribution.
5. Recheck the details and click Confirm to sign up and get your 20 free METALLIKA tokens today!


METALLIKA.inc is a global company focused on decentralizing the entire mineral mining lifecycle. With a highly experienced board and management team, Metallika is committed to maximize value by acquiring, developing and operating a balanced portfolio of EV battery related mineral projects.

Metallika, in this best way, promotes responsible mineral sourcing as they only procure minerals when the customer demands a product. They are using a pull strategy to maintain responsible mineral sourcing as per the orders of the United Nations. Their supply chain only extracts and collects the natural minerals within the required amount. Metallika introduces practical innovations that benefit their own company, protect human rights laws, fulfill moral ethics, and protect environmental sustainability.


The decentralized autonomous organization METALLIKA.io is a system that completely and autonomously operates in the blockchain protocol in compliance with the rules, encoded in the smart contracts.

The main product of DAO METALLIKA is cloud services that provide an opportunity for fast, convenient, reliable and transparent communication between various participants in the exploration and mining cycle. Forming partnerships and obtaining investments at each stage of the cycle.

The main element of the infrastructure for building a distributed database of records of contracts, acts and records used at various stages of the mineral exploration and production cycle in the DAO METALLIKA is a private blockchain, based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. METALLICA token is used as gas for blockchain operation. Gas is a denominated unit of ether METALLICA token, used to pay for transactions in the DAO METALLIKA.io blockchain.


The METALLIKA Utility token can be freely purchased, exchanged or transferred with all ownership rights between individuals (P2P) or on the most popular public blockchain crypto exchange platforms.

  • Potential users:
  • participants of the DAO METALLIKA community;
  • Governments;
  • Mining Lease holders;
  • Mining Investors;
  • Mining Companies;
  • Mineral traders;
  • Majority of product manufacturing companies worldwide;
  • All sectors involved with the mining industry;
  • crypto-investors who see the potential of the token price raise in future;
  • crypto-traders on different decentralized crypto-exchange platforms.

One of the important properties of the METALLIKA token is that the token will be available not only on the private DAO METALLIKA blockchain, but also on major public blockchains such as BSC and Ethereum. In the future, it is planned to expand the number of public blockchains that will be supported by the METALLIKA token.

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