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Latest Metallika Partnerships
to Reinforce Mining Tasks

Metallika is a blockchain company that increases access to mining services and products through tokenization. Intending to improve efficiency at a reduced cost, the blockchain mining company has partnered with mining companies GeoActiv and International Drilling Company (IDC) in its latest collaborative efforts.

GeoActiv is a South African survey firm with over two decades of experience in international mining. The mining firm helps clients trim time and reduce efforts in discovering information about mining.

International Drilling Company is a Senegalese firm with deep expertise in the drilling of mineral resources. It offers services ranging from diamond heads to rotary air blasts. In addition, it allows mining companies to outsource their drilling operations. Metallika is looking forward to establishing ties with more mining companies to reinforce mining tasks via decentralization.

How Metallika is Revolutionizing the Mining Industry with its Innovation

The mining industry is a vast sector that is crucial to global development. Yet, despite being a highly profitable sector, it's not without its fair share of obstacles, from the high cost of exploration to uncertainty surrounding commodity prices. As a result, miners seek new ways to mitigate these challenges.

It is a fact that mining is an intensive process, one which requires heavy and expensive machinery to enhance efficiency. As a result, only the affluent can afford to venture into the sector. This puts the industry in the hands of a few selected individuals.

Exploration and production costs have affected profit margins and left investors, especially smaller companies, restrained from engaging with new projects. This demographic group, who lack the financial capacity to compete with the more prominent companies, faces the obstacle of raising the necessary funds to invest in these costly practices or purchase heavy machinery.

Besides machinery, access to energy is another factor that makes mining an expensive venture. Specific resources are scarce and are found more profound in the mines. Therefore, companies are breaking new grounds in exploration to get to these resources. This process becomes more expensive than traditional mining and could leave certain companies disadvantaged.

Uncertainty surrounding commodity prices is the next big challenge. Volatility makes it difficult for companies to plan income and expenditure. Disruption in prices caused significantly by factors like Covid-19 has led several companies to shut down operations or reduce the size of their workforce.

What Metallika and its partners plan to do is to reinforce mining tasks by democratizing mining through blockchain. Users will have the chance to participate in the extraction and exploration of resources transparently at reduced costs. Ordinary users with small funds can earn profitably in the mining industry. No more will mining be restricted to whale-like investors.

Metallika and its partners will allow users access to data about mining costs, exploration, pre-discovery, discovery, feasibility, development, and production. The data would be contained in smart contracts, which reduces the chances of falsification. Mining tasks and services will be tokenized via the METALLIKA token. Therefore, anyone possessing the token will have access to mining services provided by the blockchain company Metallika. The token can be exchanged for fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

Metallika only deals in the extraction and exploration of specific resources like graphite, granite, and beach sand; METALLIKA holders, are certain of maximum returns on their investments. Not only are these resources profitable, but low-risk and in high demand.

Graphite is an abundant mineral resource that dates back to the 16th century. It is commonly used in pencils and extensively for producing lithium batteries for Electric Vehicles (EVs). Considering the potential of the EV industry, the demand for graphite will grow. This creates a good investment opportunity for Metallika token holders.

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