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Metallika team presented in
Blockchain Economy London Summit

METALLIKA community

The Metallika team has presented its project in Blockchain Economy London Summit in London in February 27-28, 2023

The Metallika CEO, Venkatesh Padala has presented its project "Metallika" in the conference. The team also explored how Metallika plans to establish a natural resource projects marketplace and make it in a way where anyone can invest in these projects.

METALLIKA community
METALLIKA community

Metallika DAO allows transparency and accuracy of all associated data to all stakeholders including investors in the minerals mining process - real time, fast and accurate.

The Problem with Lack of Data Transparency

Between Mine owners and Investors

  • Announcements are made with only partial information which favors the market trends

  • Investors usually don't get the choice to invest in a particular mineral or particular mine

  • Investors don't get direct benefits of a particular mine

  • Mine Owners (if JV) with Public Listed companies don't get the actual royalty they deserve for procuring the highly potential License area

Metallika DAO - Bridging the Gap


Each project will digitalize their probable/proved resources and investors will be able to buy corresponding assets in digital form through DAO platform.


Retail investors will have eeasier and direct access to high-value mineral assets like Lithium, Cobalt etc.

Digital Innovation

Metallika DAO uses Blockchain, IoT, AI and integration between various Mining applications to provide greater visibility across asset performance and operations.


All trades are made on the Metallika platform based on blockchain technology which enhance quicker transactions.

More pictures from the conference below:

METALLIKA community
METALLIKA community

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